• FIL & PLASTIC SRL Arenzano (GE)
  • FIL & PLASTIC SRL Arenzano (GE)

Our Company

Fil & Plastic srl

Fil & Plastic srl, has been processing wire since 1923, and today is a leading company in the manufacture of stackable containers and baskets made of plastic-coated wire mesh, available in various colour shades.
A few years ago, the company moved into its new factory in the industrial zone of Arenzano, a few kilometres from Genoa, regional capital of Liguria.

Wire containers

We produce RC series steel curves .

This series is manufactured by calculating that each basket can be completely filled with 1" steel curves. The RC series is derived from the C2 P, C12 and C12 S models which have stronger reinforcements on the basket body and an upright tube placed beside the stack. This ensures that the stacks of containers are linked to one another; this differentiates them from all our other models which have independent stacks.

Containers on wheels

"Snapdragon" containers on wheels are ideal for a dynamic stockroom..
Suitable for frequent rotation of your stock through the self-supporting system that makes it more functional and economical.
Useful for application in various sectors of work, from production to packaging and distribution, even without the use of pallet trucks.

blue with zoom screws
blue + cover + stand
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