• FIL & PLASTIC SRL Arenzano (GE)
  • FIL & PLASTIC SRL Arenzano (GE)

Wire containers


Minimum occupation of space when empty!


Skeins of wire, finished product and the following plastic coating in one of the available colours.


Orderly stack of unrefined containers

stack of unrefined containers

The products we manufacture have a very simple appearance but are very reliable for many uses.



We show you the product in skeins and an orderly stack of unrefined containers, followed by the same stack of containers after green plastic coating.

Stack consisting of 20 C2 containers

Stack consisting of 20 C2 containers

Here is a stack consisting of 20 C2 containers ready to be packed. As shown in the photo, the 20 empty containers can be easily stacked one inside the other, thus permitting considerable space savings and easy handling in the case of subsequent displacements before rearranging your new stockroom or shop.

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