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  • FIL & PLASTIC SRL Arenzano (GE)


assembly of wire containers

Two tubes with the threaded ends are welded under the body of the containers. For assembly, simply screw 4 thumbscrews.
An elementary operation that can be performed in no time, thus making it possible to obtain stacks of the desired height.


compartments for wire containers

After assembling the baskets, dividers can be inserted according to the required need for space; their robust fixing to the body of the basket is done by using three simple folding sheets. This system makes it possible to remove them at any time and place them elsewhere.


containers with minimum occupation of space

The photo shows a stack of 20 C2 containers ready for packing. In fact, when empty, the containers fit inside each other. A considerable advantage both for handling on arrival and for displacements.


stackable containers

Our containers are made of electrowelded wire mesh and therefore virtually indestructible; they are then immersion coated with coloured plastic. They are stacked one on top of the other by screwing four thumbscrews, thus forming perfectly stable stacks which can be moved by hand or with a pallet truck, and the height of which can be changed at any time. We recommend assembling stacks which are 2.50 metres in height but, in the case of need, the height may be greater provided that they are fixed to a wall. Bear in mind that if you wish to reach the merchandise without using ladders, the stacks must not exceed three baskets for the C5 model, four for the C2 and C3 models, and five for the C12 and C17 models – but since space is never sufficient, it's up to you to decide the height! As for the load capacity, always follow the tables provided.

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